Stencil Making

The only service we do not offer is printing. Thats your expertise, we can help you with all other aspects of screen production. Our services are used by Professionals, Schools, Colleges and Home Screen Printers. This allows printers more time to print. As well as making photographic stencilling available to our customers without the professional equipment needed. We are here to help you achieve high quality prints when using our frames, stencils and inks. If you have a technical issue please call we may be able to help with over thirty years experience of in house ink manufacturing and screen production.

If you don’t have the facilities to expose your own screens, we can do it in house for you. You can supply us with your own positives, just make sure they are fully opaque to UV light, or we can print them for you (see above). You can supply your own screens to be stencilled or we can supply to your requirements (see equipment page link) If you supply your own frames, you do not have to clean off the old stencil, as we can do that for you as well (see below). Please specify what type of ink you will be using to make sure we use the correct emulsion. We can expose a frame unto 190 cm x 150 cm outside dimensions.

Price List

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