Squeegee Blade
Types Of Silk Screen Squeegee Blade

All three of our squeegee blades are made from spun urethane polymers. All our blades have good resistance to solvents and water based inks. These blades also exhibits good abrasion resistance which means the blade stays sharper longer. All our blades have overall dimensions of 50mm x 9mm. Our most popular blade is our No 11. It is available in 3 different hardness values. The blades are colour coded for each hardness (Shore Value). The blades shape is rectangle given two sharp edges for print or flood strokes.

Hard Blade No 11. is blue in colour (Shore value 85)

The harder blade will put less ink through the mesh and give you a sharper print but is not recommended for general use. The disadvantage of a harder squeegee blade, it might show up imperfections in either the printing base, substrate or the squeegee blade it self. N.B. Care must be taken when handling / cleaning this blade to keep the edge perfect.

Soft Blade No 11. is red in colour (Shore value 65)

When using the soft blade you may get a less sharp image but your ink deposit will be increased resulting in more opacity and thicker print. This blade is used mainly by water based textile printers. see our number 18 blade which will increase ink deposits even more.

Medium blade No 11. is green in colour (Shore value 75)

The medium blade is used by ninety five percent of our customers. Print quality will be good and any imperfections in base board or substrate will be minimised in the final print.

Soft Blade No 18. is red in colour (Shore value 65)

Blade 18 has a round edge and is really only used by water based textile printers. It is only available with a soft hardness of 65 shore. This blade is very efficient at printing on uneven surfaces and will put a lot of ink down for a given mesh count.

Soft Hard Soft combination blade No. 35

Blade 35. It has all the advantages, print with a soft and hard blade at the same time. The blade is made from a combination of a hard centre piece and two soft outer pieces. This type of blade is great for printing on uneven surfaces and still achieving a that sharp print. It will also allow the printer to put down more pressure without bending the squeegee blade which will give a thicker deposit of ink without loss print quality

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