Plastisol Matching Guide

Mixing these inks following the formula guide will produce opaque plastisol ink for t-shirt printers. We have put this guide together using formulae from pantone matchings done over the past 20 years.

All the formulae are expressed in percentages enabling any quantity of ink to be made from the original formula.

We recommend printers use an accurate set of scales to weigh out exactly the amounts detailed in each formula

N.B. When choosing a specific colour to match you should always use the paper printed Pantone Colour Guide and not a colour displayed on a computer screen or phone as these will NOT be an accurate simulation of the Pantone Colour. Also the formulae in this system are for Pantone Colours with the suffix c (coated) only.
Pantone 185c
Pantone 185u

Method Of Calculation
The formulas in the guide are all displayed as percentages. This makes it easy to calculate the volume of ink required. For example: if you want to make 1.5 kilos of Pantone 185C Red. This is the method to calculate it. Always work in grams, So 1.5 kilos equals 1500 grams.
Screen Colour Systems will be happy to advise on all your colour matching needs. We have on site mixing facilities for a batch size of up to 250 kilos.

1. Check Formula Adds Up To 100 Parts
2. Now Find The Factor To Multiply The Formula By Ie 1500 ÷ 100 = 15
3. Now Multiply The Formula By 15 To Get 1.5 Kgs Of Pms 185 See Results Below

Code Description Formula To Weigh
EC 4003 White 7.4 111.0
EC 4200 Red 17.5 262.5
EC 4305 Orange 29.2 438.0
EC 4926 Rose 45.9 688.5
Totals 100.0 1500.0

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