Screen Positives

The only service we do not offer is printing. Thats your expertise, we can help you with all other aspects of screen production. Our services are used by Professionals, Schools, Colleges and Home Screen Printers. This allows printers more time to print. As well as making photographic stencilling available to our customers without the professional equipment needed. We are here to help you achieve high quality prints when using our frames, stencils and inks. If you have a technical issue please call we may be able to help with over thirty years experience of in house ink manufacturing and screen production.

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We can print and supply screen positives from your digital artwork. You need to supply us with an individual file for each colour you wish to print. These files should be 100% black on a white background and at size you want to print. If you require registration marks you need to apply them to the original design. Best results are achieved saving the image as a vector file type. If photographic images are involved then you will have to use a bit map file type. If there is also text within the design, bit mapping may lead to the text having a saw tooth edge. The other option is to combine your images/text and keep the bit mapped and vector image information in a single file like a PDF. We can print out in solid black or we can convert the design into half tone dots suitable for whichever mesh count you are using. The resulting positives have high opacity and will make perfect stencils. We can produce in house film positive widths unto 430 mm.

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